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The Carnival Experience

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Trinidad and Tobago, the land of calypso and steel pan. Carnival time is one of my favourite times on my twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is arguably one of the best Carnival experiences in the world. The Carnival season begins after Chirstmas and culminates in a 2 day street festival where masqueraders parade the streets in costumes dancing to the sweet sound of "Soca" music.

What is the Carnival experience? As the month of January begins so does the "feteing" ( partying for the foreigners). Every weekend before Carnival Monday is a fete. This year the cooler fete made a come back. This year was a long Carnival period as we had 2 full months of "feteing". The fashionista just had to have a different outfit for each fete.

What were the carnival trends this time around? I am talking about jewellery trends of course. This year we had plenty of "Zessas" (A person who likes to look sharp). "Zessas would in particular wear lots of bling so big chains and big slave bands. Typically ladies wore large earrings and lots of bangles on the hand. Beyond this the jewellery was limited.

Carnival this year was one of the best. It is now over and the month of fasting for the christian community has begun. Bridal season in Trinidad and Tobago has also begun. Shop your bridal fashions and religious jewellery at Stay tuned for more blogs on bridal fashion.

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