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Our Story

Our Story

It's simply really.

Our family are goldsmiths and we are well known for our quality, hand crafted gold and sterling silver jewellery. We have been doing this for quite some time. A really long time.

We grew up always surrounded by the processes for jewellery design and creation, understanding the science, and art of jewellery making. Understanding not only our history, but also the science of metals and working with metals and gemstones became very important to us.

Growing up, creating wax molds and sculpting were typical activities around the house, and hanging out in workshops and melting gold was a part of everyday life. Jewellery making goes beyond the art - it is who we are.

Our free time was spent on the beach, and on travel. There is something about the ocean that clears your mind and spurs creativity. There is value in moving and seeing a world that is entirely different than yours.

For us, diversity is most beautiful.

We embrace differences, cultures and revel in totally new experiences. We find that travel is necessary for learning, and creation.

You will see these influences in our pieces - we hope - yet in a minimal and timeless way.

Today we continue to incorporate many of the techniques that were passed on for generations, while evolving to include our own experiences and technology that can support the design and vision.

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