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Jewellery at the Oscars

The Oscars was held this year on March 4th and was hosted by the ever funny Jimmy Kimmel.

What an affair it was will the stars stepping out in all the latest fashion wear and accessories. This year we had the powerful #metoo movement with many stars opting incorporating black in their red carpet styles.

Of course, while many of us were viewing with an eye for the big winners, we were also proudly supporting Winston Duke.

For us, it is always interesting because of the – you’ve guessed it – the jewellery. What would a killer outfit be without that piece of jewellery that perfectly accents it?

Join us as we take a look at some of the jewellery trends we witnessed this year – with a minimal take on the designs.

Hanging Earrings

Hanging earrings made a comeback this year – and has been on again, off again – like that relationship you can’t seem to shake. A number of stars opted to accessorize their outfit with the hanging earring often incorporating diamonds.

Hanging earrings may also be sculptural – geometric, and minimalist. Here are couple of examples of elegant hanging earrings which can complement any outfit.

Coloured Gemstones – Emerald, Ruby

Emerald gemstones were very popular this year with many stars choosing to add the gemstone to their ensemble. Emerald has always been a classic gemstone that adds to any outfit and we saw it doing just that.

This year we also saw a number of stars choosing red outfits so it was only fitting that they used ruby jewellery to accessorize with. Even some of the stars not wearing red chose to use the gemstone on the night. And that is the way we particularly enjoy seeing them used.

A black – grey – white ensemble is transformed with the inclusion of minimal jewellery with coloured gemstones. And the best part is we all are drawn to gemstones for various reasons. For us there is the calming feeling of blue gemstones or the mystery of a moonstone.


You may not think of it as a trend – or a unique point – but it is the treatment of the diamond that is particularly interesting. This year we saw a lot of clunky or uncut diamond stones. At qirat jewellery, uncut diamonds and diamond slices are part of the qirat jewellery collection, so it’s worth mentioning. In particular, our grey diamond collection is growing as it provides a unique alternative to the more traditional gemstones.

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs continue to be trendy with many of the actresses on the night making a statement by utilising the fancy ear pieces in their ensemble. We quite like these because it signals an edge – in the most subtle and minimal way.

Swarovski stage

We have to mention the Swarovski stage. While it’s not jewellery - good design is good design, and boy was it remarkable. It was rumoured to contain over 45 million crystals.

There were many winners on the night and some of our favourite stars walked away with the coveted Oscar and of course next year we are hoping that Winston and his Black Panther group walk away the lion’s share of the trophies.

Let us know what you thought about the Oscars this year.

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