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Caring for your Jewellery - Preventative Maintenance

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The other day we were reminiscing on some old sayings that our grandmother use to tell us going up. One of the saying that I remember her saying was “prevention is better than cure”. This statement couldn’t be truer for jewellery. It is better to keep your jewellery looking like new than to try and repair it later on. Here are some tips to help you keep your jewellery looking good.

  1. Metals like gold and silver scratch easy so if you don’t like seeing those scratches it may be a good idea when you are doing work such as gardening or fixing the car to remove your jewellery so they don’t get scratched. Also use a soft polishing cloth to avoid scratching your jewellery.

  2. While gold and silver (to a lesser extent) are not very reactive strong chemicals will cause them to tarnish to keep your jewellery away from cleaning solutions and other harsh chemicals. You may also want to remove the jewellery when taking a dip in that chlorinated pool.

  3. Some perfumes can cause silver jewellery to tarnish and turn black so you can reduce or illuminate that perfume if it is turning your silver jewellery black.

  4. When we sleep our body lies still or at least that’s what we think but we move quite a bit in our sleep so to prevent stones from becoming loose and our delicate chains from getting damage we should take them off when it is bed time.

  5. Keep your jewellery away from extreme temperatures as they may cause your jewellery to become brittle.

  6. Store your jewellery separately to prevent tangling and scratching and store is soft lined box or pouch.

For more ideas on caring from your jewellery you can check out our other blogs at .

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