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Titanium Wedding Bands are all the rage!

Back in my day (This wasn't too long ago for those of you trying to do the math) when you were getting married there were really 2 main bands to choose from and they were gold and silver. Sure you could probably do a platinum ring but getting a titanium band wasn't heard of. Today there are lots of Titanium bands available. They are available in white and black versions, as flat or curved and you can engrave on them.

Titanium is a very inert metal so it makes a lot of sense to use it in jewellery making. What do I mean by inert? Well simply put Titanium does not react with sea water or chlorine water and many other chemicals and it does not irritate the skin. It is thus perfect for those people who like to wear their wedding rings all the time.

Typically in jewellery making it is alloyed with other metals to improve it's strength and it already has a high strength to weight ratio meaning it won't weigh your finger down and it will still withstand every day wear. Titanium has to be soldered in an environment free of the gases we find in our atmosphere so it is not an easy metal to work with so many jewellers still shy away from it.

White Titanium Wedding Ring
Titanium Wedding Band

Did you know that Titanium is the most abundant metal on the earth's crust? By passing a voltage through Titanium we can vary the thickness of the oxide layer causing it to appear to be different colors hence its use in body piercing jewellery as well.

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