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Carnival Season!

We are now more than half way through the month of January. In Trinidad and Tobago (where we are from) that means that the Carnival Season is now in full swing. We are hearing all the latest Soca songs on the radio and we are "jamming" to them in the fetes (parties).

This year we have an interesting battle going on between two of the best soca stars and it is making the season very interesting. We are still some way off from the epic 2 day street party that is carnival with all the costumes and people parading through the streets for 2 full days.

Of course we must take a look at the jewellery trends this year. Silver is making a major come back as many people are opting to accessorize with silver this year when hitting the fetes. The big hoop earrings are also back with many people going for the very large hoop earrings. Bangles have remained a carnival staple this year with many people opting for just a few this time around. Chokers are making a come back this year as they weren't largely used last year.

Whatever is your jewellery style this carnival make sure and enjoy the fetes safely. Check out our website for more exciting blogs.

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