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Pink Engagement Rings

Well we have now entered the month of October, the second best month of the year, maybe (I won’t say which is the best month of the year but I will give you a hint it starts with J). October has special meaning for me as it is the month my child was born. For us in the Caribbean, October means lots of rain. It is one of the rainiest months of the year. We only have 2 seasons after all, rainy and dry.

October also has a special colour associated with it and that is the colour of pink. Pink has special significance to many people (pink ribbons). To us jewellers there are a number of lovely gemstones that are available in pink. My personal favourite is morganite as it is such a very subtle pink. The official birthstone for October is pink tourmaline which is a very rich pink.

Traditionally, people use diamonds as the centre stone of choice for engagement rings but over the last few years colour stones are making their way into the engagement ring. Pink centre stones accented with diamonds make a lovely engagement ring. I remember doing one for a customer and thinking that this was such a lovely ring.

October has just begun but there are lots of pink gemstones to go around so go ahead and check out our rings at

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