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Minimalist Weddings

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Growing up in the Caribbean meant that we got lots of two things, sun and sea. We spent many a day on the beach just playing in the sea and building sand castles with the sand. Having had this experience for most of our lives it seemed fitting that for our big day (wedding day of course) it had to be done on the beach in what we called a minimalist wedding. We wore slippers and slacks and drank rum punch until it was late.

Today beach weddings are all the rage and we have even coined a new term for them, destination weddings. Destination weddings have such a nice ring to it, I almost feel to get married again. The idea with beach weddings is of course to go as minimalist as possible, leaving all the fanfare for another day or another setting.

So now that you have decided that you want to go minimalist for your wedding it is time to talk wedding bands, after all we are jewellers. What better way for you to say I do on such an occasion than with a minimalist wedding band personalised with a special message to your loved one? The classic wedding band fits that description perfectly and can be engraved on the outside and inside (available at our website

Once you have your wedding bands, location and minimalist style chosen all that is left is to get married, drink rum punch, party until the sun comes up and enjoy your day!

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