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Top 10 Holiday Trends for 2017

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching and many of us are getting into the mood. There are staff parties and gift exchanges both at home and at the office. Some of us just absolutely love shopping and selecting the perfect presents, while others haven’t even thought about that ideal gift.

Here are some jewellery trends that helps you with your list!

1. Mix and Match

Diversity is the name of the game. You can combine different textures, materials, sizes. What does that mean? You don't have to get the 'set'.

2. Make Your Statement

Personalised jewellery by using engraving adds a certain touch to your gifts this holiday season. From rings to pendants engraving can set you apart and adds that special touch to any gift.

3. Magnificent Monograms

Monograms are jewellery with fancy writing that say your initials. They are the new rage and will ensure you don’t have to keep reminding people who you are.

4. The gift of family

Creating Jewellery with the birthstones of your family is a fantastic idea and will have special meaning to all involved. You can use rings, pendants and bracelets to create wonderful family jewellery.

5. A Gemtacular Affair

Gems are not for the holidays said no one ever. Gemstones are making a comeback this year with the ever popular diamonds leading the way.

6. The keys to your heart

What is the key to a great holiday season? Maybe try this or any key for that matter. Keys make lovely pendants and charms and are trending this holiday season.

7. Hip Hoop hooray

Large hoop earrings are always trendy and never seem to go out of style. Stay in the game with this trendy accessory.

8. Stack it up

The latest jewellery trend is stackable rings and these rings make excellent gifts these holidays.

9. The holiday Classics

They say if it isn’t broke don’t fix it so holiday classics can continue to bring a smile to everybody. From the sophisticated pearl earring to the religious cross these classics will make perfect gift items.

10. The layered approach

Why wear one chain - or bracelet - when you can wear more than one.

I say layer it and make a statement. The layering of chains and pendants means you can stand out at those staff parties.

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