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Let's talk the colour of Gold

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Let's talk colour - of #gold that is. Pure gold has a hue that's oddly enough, reddish, yellowish. And that's considered 24kt. Any other colour therefore is of a lower #carat. The most common colour of gold is #yellowgold. This is an alloy of gold, silver and copper. Then there's #whitegold which consists of an alloy of gold and another 'white' metal, say silver, or nickel, or palladium or manganese. White gold is actually not very white and ranges from pale yellow to brown. The very white gold that is often purchased is due to the rhodium plating which gives the stark white appearance but hides the real white gold colour. Then there's #rosegold or pink gold, which you've guessed it, actually is due to the copper that is used with the alloy. But it doesn't end there! There is green gold. Blue gold. Purple gold. Black gold (not the crude oil type). All made by alloying with different metals, well with the exception of black gold. That includes oxidation and sometimes amorphous carbon, but that's another post! Whatever your style, you can even select the colour for your gold and #designyours. And there's also grey gold , not to be confused with white gold and happens to be one of my favorites actually - just add palladium. #qiratjewellery

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