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Stones that look good with yellow gold

You have decided that you want to create a unique engagement ring and you have decided that you wanted to use yellow gold. Now you are thinking what gemstones will look good with yellow gold. Yellow gold looks good with most gemstones but some gemstones just pair very well with it.

The first color that comes to our mind is clear because we are all familiar with diamonds being paired with it. Here are some other colors you can use in your yellow gold jewellery.

Deep blue stones such as blue Sapphire work very well with yellow. The dark blue and yellow contrast is just beautiful.

Bright pink such as pink tourmaline also pairs extremely well yellow gold is like they were meant to be together

Dark purple such as Amethys also works with yellow gold. the last colour we think that you should definitely try is orange such as citrine.

Let us know if you have any other colour gemstone that goes well with yellow gold that you would like us to add. Feel free to subscribe to our blog and like our content.

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