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Selecting the right Ring

5 Simple Steps

selecting your Engagement & Wedding Rings

Your budget, your business


Diamonds are typically priced based on increments in sizes, and there are major cost differentials as the diamond size approaches particular carat sizes. A 1.0ct diamond is significantly more expensive than a 0.9ct but the actual difference is insignificant, and really not noticeable to the naked eye. Get good value for money by selecting diamonds that fall shy just below the cutoff for that carat size.

There are so many supposed rule of thumbs for determining how much you should spend on your engagement ring. Some say 2-3 salaries. Quite frankly its all marketing hullabaloo. You decide based on your preference. Ignore everything- and everyone else. Once you set the budget, work with your jeweller to get the best options possible.

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Tricks of the trade. There are many ways we can give the illusion that the centre stone is much larger than it actually is. The Halo is one of the best ways to do that. Adding accent stones on the Ring shank also gives more shine and sparkle to the ring.

Knowledge is your best friend when deciding upon your Ring. There are many parts to the equation. You have to figure out what matters most to you - and your partner, and work with that. Is a diamond a must have - or does a coloured gemstone tickle your fancy? There are several ways to get what you want - within your budget. Click for some tips!

choose metal

Choose your metal

The choice of Metal is often one of the easiest decisions made.

People typically gravitate toward a particular metal colour. While you may have already made up your mind on the metal colour, it's worth understanding what causes the colours and the maintenance required based on your selection.


This measures the fineness of gold and indicates the parts of gold in the item. 14 karats indicates 14 out of 24 parts of gold. Typically Engagement & Wedding Rings are created using 14k Gold.

Rose Gold is an alloy of Gold and Copper. The copper's reddish hue when alloyed with Gold, creates  a beautiful pinkish colour. The copper also improves the strength of the alloy.

White Gold is an alloy of Gold and Nickel. The Nickel gives the alloy a whitish appearance - similar to platinum. Typically White Gold is plated with Rhodium.

Yellow Gold is a favourite because the colour represents the lustre and shine of Gold itself. Typically it is alloy of Silver, Copper and Gold, which improves the strength.

step 3

Selecting the Gemstone

The good news is, if you have selected the metal, move on to step 

Like the budget, there are so many recommendations for the gemstones that should be used on Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings. Diamonds are traditionally used however there are a wide variety of options available, with varying properties. There are naturally occurring stones and lab created stones. Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and other Precious Gemstones allow you to create a unique ring for you and your loved one. Moissanites are also a great alternative to Diamonds with similar properties. You can read more here. Whatever your preference, research and let your jeweller know your intentions. 

The Diamond is a favourite for many couples, however moissanites are becoming a great alternative as well as coloured gemstones

step 4

Shape & Colour

There are so many shapes to choose from; the most popular diamonds shapes are shown above.

Today the majority of diamond engagement rings are set with the round diamond and such is the most costly.

The next most popular shape is the Square or Princess Cut.

What's important here is what shape appeals to the recipient.

Cushion, Asscher and Emerald provide a subtly distinctive shape that is beautiful on its own, or accented with other gemstones. 

The colour of the gemstones also varies tremendously. Find out more here.

step 5

The last decision is based on you and your style. There are so many designs and great inspiration pieces.

Whatever your choice, select the design that is representative of you; In a world of clutter, minimal designs offer a timeless option. 









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