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Essential Cocoa Head Earring

  • Earring Specifications:

    Weight: 1.5 grams


    Post Specifications:

    Weight: 0.06 grams
    Width: .03 Inch
    Post Thickness: .03 Inch
    Post Length: .37 Inch


    Earrning Back Specifications: 

    Weight: 0.13 grams
    Earring Back Pad OD: 6.3 mm

H O W    Y O U R    C U S TO M   O R D E R   I S   M A D E

Every single item is made to order. No item is kept in stock, because quite simply, every item is unique.


While we incorporate many technologies in creating your piece, metallurgy and jewellery making involves the jeweller, and science. Every diamond and gemstone, whether lab created, or naturally occurring is different. The specifications are different. Even the Setting, while made using 3D renders and wax models, still is finished hand polished by jewellers.

S T A Y   U P D A T E D   #qiratjewellery  #nomadjeweller #minimalistjewellery #pragmaticjeweller

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