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Custom Jewellery near me

  Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

Your wedding jewellery in Diego Martin, Trinidad, is a big part of your look for your big day. There are some tips when choosing custom jewellery near me for your wedding.


Don’t Overdo It: You don’t want to go overboard and it can be tempting to load up on the bling. You don’t want to let your accessories outshine you. Stick with “less is more" and pick a few key pieces.


Match the Metals to Your Dress: If you are having trouble deciding between gold and silver then let the color of your dress help you make the choice. If your gown is white then your custom jewellery near me that is silver or platinum will look best. If your gown is ivory than gold will look great. If your gown is champagne then gold jewelry will complement the warm tones.


Consider Your Neckline: Your gown’s neckline will play a role in how wedding jewellery pairs with it. For a v-neck, choose a pendant or choker, along with some earrings. If your dress has a strapless neckline then you want a shorter necklace. You can also skip the necklace altogether and go with statement earrings instead. Add a bangle, smaller bracelet, or cocktail ring to balance it out. If your dress has a halter then you may want to focus your accessories on your hair. Decorate with combs or pins. If you want some extra jewelry, try a cocktail ring or a bracelet.


Don’t Get Overwhelmed: If deciding on wedding jewellery seems harder than finding your dress then just pick one piece. Simple diamonds or pearl studs may be all you need.


Be Yourself: Your wedding jewellery should be a reflection of you. If you don’t want to wear big earrings then stick to studs. Do you love the way a certain style of necklace looks? If so, choose that style. If you are happy with your accessories, that is all that matters.

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