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Sterling Silver Rings

How to Style Minimalist Jewellery

Minimalist jewellery is one of the hottest jewelry trends. It’s easy to create a layering effect with one long and short delicate necklace but there are other ways you can style minimalist jewellery.


Stacked Rings: Skinny sterling silver rings or midi rings are easy to style. You can use them with any of your outfits to achieve a trendy look that gives you a change to your normal way of dressing. Minimalist jewellery is perfect for stacking since it never looks over the top or tacky. It also allows you to create plenty of different combinations according to preferences and style. For example, take a delicate golden ring and then pair it with a similar ring to complete the style. You don’t need colorful or big pieces to look trendy or stylish. Stackable sterling silver rings can be just the perfect accessories you need.


Layering: Layering jewelry is one of the reasons why minimalist jewellery is popular. It looks fashionable and feminine and adds some dimension and interest to your look. You don’t always have to layer minimalist jewellery together but you should buy at least two different lengths of delicate necklaces that go perfectly with an open neckline.


Using a Statement Piece: You can use a statement piece to go along with your minimalist jewellery for a unique look. For example, a bold choker paired with a longer minimalist necklace makes a great combination.


Ear Pins: If you want a distinguishable pair of earrings that still has a modern touch then you can use minimalist ear pins. The minimalist approach means that they are perfect for dressy, trendy, or casual outfits. You can also combine delicate ear pins with stacking sterling silver rings or other jewelry options.


Mix Metals: The best part of minimalist jewellery is that the rules go out the window and it’s great to mix metals for your own unique look.

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