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Natural vs Lab made vs Synthetic diamonds

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Well we all hear these terms floating around when we are shopping for an engagement ring. This could be confusing when we there are so many other things to consider when selecting your ring so what do they mean and what is the difference?

Natural diamonds are diamonds that are naturally occurring and we find them in mines all around the world. Did you know that Jubilee, also known as the Yubileyny diamond mine, located in Sakha (Yakutia), Republic of Russia, is the biggest diamond mine in the world? I digress.

Lab made diamonds are diamonds that are created in a lab. Scientists recreate the conditions that created diamonds over millions of years and they create a diamond. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and a small diamond to act as a seed. Lab made diamonds are chemically and structurally the same as Natural diamonds.

Synthetic or Imitation diamonds are not diamonds but rather synthetic gemstones made to look like diamonds. The most common synthetic diamond used in jewellery making is the Cubic Zirconia. It is an excellent replacement stone for those watching their spend.

There you have it. That is the difference in a nutshell so now you know what those terms means when you are shopping for that perfect stone. For more blogs and tips jewellery related check out our blog at

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The perfect diamond

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